A downloadable Research for Windows and macOS


First person 3D Adventure Puzzle game where you explore an alien planet as an archeologist looking to uncurse his malediction

How To Play

You need to find the source of the pulsing artefact your brought with you, so you don't get mad !
 Visit the planet to find a way to deliver yourself from the Curse.

 - The artefact can be used on many places around the world, some are historic elements some are pieces of environment, some are puzzles. Be curious, explore and obesrve...

-If you need help, You can also scan the planet by pressing space, and get some clues. 

-There is 12 small story pillars that you can discover during the game.
They give you informations about the archeologist and his relation with his environment and the  artefact.

Keyboard Controls

In Image : 

Move  -  Arrow Keys / ZQSD 

Look - Mouse 

Run - Left Maj / Right Maj

Space Radar, Transform glitched object or to get information about what to do, don't hesitate, use it all the time secrets can be found with this ;)

E / Right Ctrl — Interact

Open/Close - Information panel


Raphaël Rainard — Project Author, Scenario, Character and overall design, animation, modeling, texturing
Alexis Coteur — 3D Modeling, texturing ,Environment design.
Antoine Fauville (@FauvilleAntoine) — Programming, Level Design, Unity Integration.


Simon Vanneste (http://simonvanneste.be/)

Eliott Delafosse

Extra Credits

Thanks to all the teachers of St-Luc ESA - Saint-Gilles - Bruxelles.

Thanks to Makin' Stuff Look Good for the radar and some effect in the game.

Link to his youtube channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEklP9iLcpExB8vp_...

2015 Keijiro Takahashi : https://github.com/keijiro/Kin...

Don't forget that the game is a prototype, if you have any bug to report or any suggestions, please let us know at antoinefauville@gmail.com or rainard.raphael@gmail.com

Install instructions

Unzip and execure Research.exe

Make sure the Research.exe is next to the Research.data folder.


Research Oculus Version 394 MB
Research Windows Build 393 MB
Mac.app.zip 412 MB

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