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In 5 Billion years our planet is going to be absorbed by the sun..

And what if we would do a small game talking about this ?

This was made in a personnal game jam, 48hours, over a weekend.

It's a metaphor of the entropy, by clicking to level up a planet, you add energy in your solar system, creating a disorder and making the sun grow bigger. This game is here to question how big things are in our universe and talk about the fear of feeling small.

I went for a planet simulation, looking at the work of "Daniel Linssen" on "Planetarium". I also got inspired by "Mining Station", an android idle game.

How to play :

Drag around and click. Slide from left to right the solar system and interact with it.

Once you unlock a planet, click on it to generate life on this planet.

Goal :

Reach the last level of the last planet to get the end animation.

Features :

  • You can create life by clicking on the planet, it adds a life form on the planet and multiplies your income.
  • Sun growing and eating up planets.
  • Randomly generated planets, moons, asteroid feilds, clouds.
  • Randomly generated names.
  • Planet dying when too close to the sun.
  • Confort zone of the solar system, if a planet is too close, it dries up and no water can be find on the surface, if it's too far, water just covers allmost the whole planet.
  • Quote generator to make you smarter ;) .
  • Used fibonatchi numbers to create all the game, ratios, idle mecanics.
  • END animation ! Will you reach it ?

Missing :

  • I tried during the last moment of the game jam to add a saving system, unfortunatly it doesn't work proprelly sometimes..
  • The sun grows but sometimes doesn't grow as fast as wanted..
  • The planet should not reset after dying but they could..
  • Once you finish the game, it should restart with a new cycle but sometimes it turns out to have some unpredicted behavior..
  • Sounds..

Install instructions

Exctract and play :)


Star Cycle 10 MB


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i downloaded it and when i opened it it was rar file and not zip